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Bringing The Overview Effect To Business
Bringing The Overview Effect To Business.

There has never been a time where the need for increased innovation speed is greater and more critical, than today.

Climate change will affect us all and demand changes and development of new capabilities, a wide range of sustainability challenges that needs to be solved (water, food, energy, education, equality and more), rapid digitalisation and automation across borders and sectors will transform how we work, exponential development within the areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning will cause significant social and societal shifts, a global ageing population and more.

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If you represent a company that is interested in or may benefit from our extensive and international network in global space industry, reach out and we will get back to you!


We want more space. So should you.

Rocket Grace is a small Norwegian company established in 2016 with one main mission;

To find new ways to increase awareness of and share knowledge about how science, technology, infrastructure and services from the space industry, can be relevant and valuable for other sectors - and vice versa!

The space industry hold the keys to solve tomorrow´s challenges. On Earth.

High resolution and near realtime data from a fast growing number of satellites in orbit, new communication technologies, efficient energy systems, new material science and technology, new ways of growing food with a minimum of natural resources, new sensor technologies, breakthrough medical research and more.

The space industry needs technology and industrial solutions to take the next, big leaps. Off Earth.

Prospecting and mapping, drilling technology, manufacturing , industrial strength solutions for transport of and distribution, artificial intelligence and autonomous systems..and more!

Space is a powerful platform for industrial innovation, sustainable development and collaboration - we need to use it more.

Spaceport Norway

Spaceport Norway - an annual business oriented conference and multi-disciplinary meeting arena - arranged for the first time in Stavanger in 2017, is one of Rocket Grace´s key business activities and brands.

We have developed Spaceport Norway from scratch and are responsible for all key deliveries; business and media strategies, brand platform, design, communication and visual assets (Our logo is designed by the japanese design star, So Takahashi), communication channel development, content, marketing and program for every year since the beginning.

With the help of strong partnerships, sponsors, supporters and paying delegates and exhibitors, we are now getting ready for the fourth Spaceport Norway in Oslo in 2020!

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The Overview Effect.

The Overview Effect is described as "a cognitive shift in awareness reported by some astronauts during spaceflight, often while viewing the Earth from outer space". To really see and reflect on how vulnerable and delicate our home planet is.

Climate change affects us all, a wide range of sustainability challenges need to be solved, digitalisation and automation will change how we work, artificial intelligence and machine learning will change how we live and learn, the demographic change we face going forward is significant because we grow older and have fewer children. Everything is connected and everything is on the same, small planet.

We need a new perspective.
We need The Overview Effect.

The thing that really surprised me was that Earth projected an air of fragility. I had a feeling it’s tiny, it’s shiny, it’s beautiful, it’s home, and it’s fragile.

— Michael Collins, Apollo 11

Earth Observation Images: ESA - European Space Agency

Most of us are not astronauts, but we can benefit from a evolving and fast growing space industry that gives us new tools, new capabilities and new insights. And new and unexpected partnerships.

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