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Rocket Grace was established in April 2016 to pursue specific goals, work with specific projects, and help specific clients reach their objectives the smartest and most efficient way possible.

We want to work with organisations that want to do good things, to create positive impact.
Create sustainable jobs. Increase access to and improve quality of education. Make renewable energy grow in the global energy mix. Develop business models to support growth in electrification of transport. Develop new technology and solutions that empower and enable more people. Develop business arenas & mechanisms, technologies and services for the growing space sector. We like rockets! (so should you, we are still benefitting from the Apollo-program in the 60s)

We have got more than 20 years of experience from international business and management in large corporations, working primarily with:

  • Strategy and business development
  • Digital eco-systems & transformation
  • Open innovation processes & articulation
  • Design and strategic communication
  • Media strategies and channel development

We can work in any part of any value chain.
Find new solutions and new perspectives.
Provoke new thinking and new ways of working, leading to delivery of tangible results. 

For you, your management team, your board and your teams.

    We are not an agency.
    We are change agents.

    If you think we can help your company or organisation succeed, send a short mail and we will get back to you briefly.